Bambu2u is a proud Texan brand with all of our products carefully handcrafted to bring a refined experience and high quality to our customers.


The 60% OFF promotion is valid only for our PRE-SALE, the initial estimated delivery period for the sunglasses is between 2 to 5 weeks from the date of purchase.

The sunglasses of the Bambu2u Rio de Janeiro Collection were carefully developed to bring together beauty, comfort and durability. All product development has been minimally designed and assembled by hand to ensure optimal frame and lens quality.


Metal hinges ensure that the sunglasses work for a long time and fit well on anyone's face. One of our concerns during project development was creating poor quality sunglasses that subsequently would create a poor fit.


The arms are made with real bamboo wood, treated and crafted with extreme care.  The lenses of the Rio de Janeiro collection are UV400 certified. The frame on the backend is Black Real Green mirror lens.


The lenses use wayfarer compound, made of thermal-cured plastic, which ensure lighter weight and longer durability at the same time.


About the collection: Rio de Janeiro is a tropical city, which you have probably heard about. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the Brazilian city is culturally known for its use of bamboo, decorating shops, malls, hotels and hostels throughout the city. The city was also one of the first in Latin America to ban the use of plastic straws, known to be harmful to the environment. This means that bamboo products, such as bamboo straws, will gain even more power to be widely used.

Exclusive Bamboo Glasses - Rio de Janeiro Collection - Handcrafted

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